I’m just one tiny little person among over seven billion on this planet. (Okay, not all that tiny, but you know what I mean). How can it possibly matter what I do, in the face of all the problems in the world? Can any one person’s decisions have an impact, any impact at all, on the state of this world today?

Does it matter one iota whether I recycle, or compost, or vote, or donate time or money, or do any of the thousands of other small acts of kindness or duty that are available to me? Does it matter that I taught young children for thirty years; does it matter that I considered teaching my mission on this planet, the thing I was put here to do? Does it matter that I can sometimes utter a coherent sentence? Does any of it matter at all?

Why, yes, I believe it does.

I believe it all matters.

I believe it matters now more than it ever has.

In this digital age in which we live, we are inundated with more information than anyone could ever process, every minute of the day and night. Some, I hope most, of this information is correct and honest and meant for our edification. But some of it is meant to mislead, to divide, to frighten, to control us. There are entities whose agenda is confusion, hatred, and manipulation. And it’s really hard to tell who are the good guys and who are the bad guys, because those sneaky bad guys took to wearing white hats instead of behaving like the outlaws in the old Westerns and making themselves obvious.

And we? We’re pretty bad to fall for whatever pops up on our computer or phone screens, especially if it reinforces something we already thought. We’re not so good at questioning sources or checking facts. And it’s so darn easy to share that tidbit, to keep it going on and on in Cyberland. Especially if it supports what we believe or trashes the other side, because, hey, we all want to win, right?

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to fix this. I’d like a world where no one spreads false information to manipulate people. Where voting machines are unbreachable. Where the words coming out of everyone’s mouth are true words. Where people respect each other and don’t feel the need to fear or hate people who aren’t just like them. I’d like that a lot.

But I’m not naïve enough to expect that. In fact, I think it might get worse before it gets better.

So all I’ve got, and all you’ve got, is right now. In this time and in this space. This is our single, solitary chance to make any difference at all in anything at all.

So yes, it matters. It all matters. Every kindness, every good word, every tiny act of compassion, matters now more than it ever has before.

Because there are a lot more of us good, ordinary people on this earth than there are villains. More of us want peace and calm than want war and strife.

And if we, the tiny people, all truly do the best we know, if we operate from hearts of love and respect, we will make the difference. If the people who sincerely try to live their lives from a focus of good, will be the best people they can be, even when it’s hard, even when it’s unpleasant, then good will win.

‘Cause there’s more of us than there are of them. We outnumber them, y’all. By billions.

We probably won’t take over the governments (not all of them, anyway) or the banks or the institutions. But we can take over the everyday.

My life is lived in the small sphere of my family and my community, along with my online world. That’s where I act and operate. That is where I can make the difference I’m here to make.

So what can I do in my little circle? I can be kind to everyone I meet. I can start from a point of love and respect. I can treat others the way I’d like them to treat me. And if I do that, and you do that, and your family, and my family, and my neighbors, and your neighbors – well, it’ll just spread all over, won’t it?

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